Singing Impressionist - Eric Kearns

Performing more than 150 shows annually, Eric is very quickly becoming a popular addition to Concert schedules throughout the Eastern US. Appearing in theaters, casino showrooms and community shows for the 55+ aged audience, his schedule keeps him continually touring and having the time of his life on the road. 

Eric started singing at the age of 6 and recalls trying to sound exactly like the voices he heard on the radio. He says, "It's the only way I know how to sing. I've never had vocal lessons, so I just learn the songs by listening and mimicking. Of course, this means I've picked up not only the good habits, but the bad habits as well, from history's most popular singers!"

Eric's continually growing repertoire consists of more than 100 legendary singers and their greatest hit songs. A typical hour-long performance allows for showcasing up to 40 unique artists, and your show will be customized to your specific audience. Everyone in attendance is made to feel that the show was an incredible collection of each of their favorite singers.

Listed below is just a sampling of the stars whose hit songs are performed in Eric's Voices of Legends Show:

Neil Diamond Frank Sinatra  Ray Charles
Elvis Presley Gary Puckett The Temptations
Tom Jones Barry Manilow Rod Stewart
Billy Joel Sam Cooke John Lennon
James Taylor Johnny Cash Louis Armstrong
Willie Nelson Don McLean The Guess Who
Etta James Boz Scaggs Blood Sweat & Tears
Joe Cocker Tom Petty John Mellencamp
Dean Martin Cher Bruce Springsteen
Bob Dylan Kenny Rogers Paul McCartney